Signals: File Based Delivery


Our Signals system ingests event-level data and associates it with your account analysis. The Signals ingestion is based on a valid compressed (gzip) CSV file. It is important that the CSV file be in the right order with blank fields (empty strings) representing fields that are not available for analysis.


If you would like to use your own S3 bucket on AWS you may provide either encrypted (md5) device Identifiers or plain text identifiers that will be encrypted in transit before reaching the Intuizi cloud for analysis.

If you would like to deliver to an assigned S3 bucket within the Intuizi cloud, we require that all device identifiers be encrypted (md5) before it is uploaded. The MD5 must be in UPPER case and if not encrypted the system will NOT return any results.

Intuizi can assist with the encryption process if necessary.

Example File

Example Uncompressed CSV File – Click Here

CSV Fields

KeyValueData Type
deviceifa*Android Advertising ID or Apple IDFAString(255)
latitude*Latitude with up to 7 digits precisionFloat
longitude*Longitude with up to 7 digits precisionFloat
userAgentURL Encoded USER AGENT of deviceString(255)
adwidthNumeric Ad Width in PixelsInteger
adheightNumeric Ad Height in PixelsInteger
campaignIDAlpha Numeric Campaign IdentifierString(255)
bannerIDAlpha Numeric Banner IdentifierString(255)
pubidThe assigned ID of a specific publisher grouping (apps or sites)String(255)
invTypeDisplay or VideoString(255)
deviceTypeThe numeric ID for the type of device.Integer
countryThe ISO code for the countryString(3)
bidAssigned Business IdentifierString(255)
genderM = male, F = Female, O = Other or unknownString(1)
ageThe numeric age of the userInteger
ipThe IP4 ip address of the recordInteger
d*This is the date of the record in Y-M-D H:M:S formatDateTime
auctionIDunique/randomized identifierString(255)
* denotes required field for full analysis.