Data Stream: AppGraph


The AppGraph Data Set is a individual EncryptedID level report of anonymous online behavior data. Specifically it shows the presence of an app based on historical download, attribution or analytic data provided by 1st part SDKs. This Data set includes provider, category of application, Application Name, AppStoreID (bundleID) and the encrypted identifier. This data set in combination with the visitation detail report can provide activity data on a phone to ensure the phone is still active. 


The file will be accessible via S3 credentials provided to you upon request. You may transfer the files to your local machine or to your preferred cloud for incorporation into your application, workflow or model.

Example File

Example:  Data Stream- AppGraph

CSV Fields – Visitation Detail File

Key Value Data Type
Provider Hashed persistent value of provider String(255)
Category The Meta-category of the application String(255)
Application Name The Application Name as presented in the appstore, String(255)
BundleID The AppstoreID in either the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store String(255)
Eid The anonymous encrypted mobile ad identifier  String(255)